Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 2nd August 2013.[Week 21]

Our intent for the August meeting was for all of us to come having:

  • Updated our Journal/Biography.
  • Prepared the reflection on a painting in the York exhibition.
  • Reflected on the painting by Peter Williams and the ceramic work of Pete Moss.

We met at the Collection – Maddie, Vernon & David. Unfortunately Megan could not attend and it was difficult for Kierah given her new circumstances.

We discussed:

  • The new monthly meeting plan and the prospect of meeting regularly in Karolina’s offices in the Bailgate.
  • The possibility of Maddie & Megan attending SSC Sociological Imagination classes in the Autumn.
  • Ratchel Tanner.
  • That we might move from our focus on ‘A’ level work to consider other possibilities.
  • The experiences Maddie had as a result of her attending David’s ‘Summer School’.These sound incredibly positive and her explanation of the work she produced was fluent, entertaining and very moving.
  • That when undertaking a ‘transect’ walk we should also consider recording as an accompaniment some words that explain the context and indicate why the subject ‘resonates’ with us.
  • We again discussed the prospect of producing a Photobook with words and images.
  • We viewed the work of Josh at the Collection.


It was agreed to bring all our work up-to-date by the next meeting to be held at the offices in Bailgate. Meet at the Tourist shop at 10 a.m……………Friday 6th September, 2013.



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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 28th June 2013.[Week 19]


English: Usher Gallery and Spring Flowers The ...

English: Usher Gallery and Spring Flowers The Usher Art Gallery in Temple Gardens with spring flowers in the foreground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Our studies take us to the realm of 2 exercises to complete and share with each other.

  1. To consider any work on show [possibly a comparison of 2 works] in the York exhibition held at the Collection and to reflect on its/their merits, writing a short piece which describes what is going on and one’s engagement with the work.
  2. To reflect on the painting ‘Remembrance’ by Peter Williams on show at the Usher gallery and to ponder its significance for us in the light of what the work ‘tells’ us and in relation to the ceramics of Pete Moss.

I chose  paintings by Lowry and Paul Nash from the York exhibition…..I’ll be very interested to see what others choose.


Clifford's Tower, part of York Castle

Clifford’s Tower, part of York Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 8th March, 2013 [Week 4]

The Collection at Lincoln was the location for today’s meeting together with Megan, Vernon Maddie and David. We discussed in detail:

  • A guide for the setting up of an ‘A’ level course. David issued and outlined what the guide entailed. We were asked to reflect on what we might want from such a course and to come back with ideas.
  • The possibility of setting up a Workshop run by Sarah Amsler and David was discussed. Everyone was keen for this to happen.
  • David confirmed that our place/our ‘patch’ for exploration would be from the Tower to the Collection.
  • Further ideas about the Framework project were discussed including: Maddie – What makes us English/British? Issues around peer pressure [e.g. Body Shop] encouraging us to “fit in”. Issues around Identity. Uses of urban space, managing ourselves in an urban environment. The nature of the city. Where is Home? Can somewhere “foreign” be more like home? Where are one’s roots or sense of community?   Megan – Dealing with prejudice e.g. from the police and the undermining of the homeless. The need to challenge pre-conceptions. Portraits of people. How people make assumptions without knowledge. Vernon – Keen to do the A level. Would like to do something around immigration. Possibility of the Polish shops on Monk’s Road. David – His ideas are grounded in Evolution theory and he is interested in “socially engaged practices and practictioners”.
  • Karolina [ David’s partner] is interested  to work with us where our ideas coincide with the work she is doing.
  • The possibility of making a bid for funds managed by Paul [ Neighbourhood Office] was discussed. Identifying  A pop-up research centre……..?

We then looked around the Collection. We should be keen to have a presence in this space since it can provide us with ideas, scope for exhibiting. We met Josh in the gallery and looked at the exhibitions on offer. At the Usher Gallery we met Andrea who is Curator-in-chief, visited the exhibitions and the Education room. David discussed the Summer school at B/G which may be open for the Framework group to join.

English: The Usher Gallery with Cathedral in b...

English: The Usher Gallery with Cathedral in background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next week we meet at the Vintage Shop along Monk’s Road. Homework to read through the sheet on the nature of the city and attempt the questions.

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