Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 26th April, 2013 [Week 10]

These boots were made for “transecting”………….


David explained to Maddie, Tracey and Vernon what he wanted to emerge from undertaking a “Transect” walk. There are different kinds of transects:

  1. Walking from A – B observing everything, being objective  and taking notes.
  2. Walking from A – B perhaps being more informal and observing say just flowers, trees natural life.
  3. David’s idea of a transect walk. Walking from A – B but observing things from a purely personal perspective. This would involve walking alone, deciding what has taken our attention, then taking a photograph of it. What takes the eye! It would be unnecessary to comment whilst on the walk. We are all capturing visual data on the same walk at the same time. Sounds could be important.
  4. At some stage we will show our photographs and explain why we chose that subject. The narrative is likely to be more complex than the taking of the photo.

We started at the Bailgate to the Jew’s house and from there to the Stonebow………It didn’t rain!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s going to be very interesting when we reveal our photographs in the following weeks and get a chance to talk about them…………….

An animated gif of a walk sequence.

An animated gif of a walk sequence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 19h April, 2013 [Week 9]

We are meeting at the cafe in the Aboretum on Monk’s Road at 10 am to take some photographs and to assess what we’ve learned…………….But……..

The Morning – wet and windy……

Monk’s Road – bleak and rainy……

Cafe at the Aboretum – welcoming, warm, safe…….

Coffee – great and the toast really toastier…….

Rain days

Rain days (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It didn’t take long for us to decide to review where we’ve come on the course rather than take photographs in the cold and rain. It’s reassuring to hear that Maddie & Megan like everything about the project, are looking forward to the seminars in May and the opportunity of pursuing an A level in photography. We discussed ambitions, working abroad, relations inside Framework and creative aspects of photography.

When Sarah and Amy joined us and the others left for meetings, we were able to outline what the project was about, the kind of work we had done to date, where we meet and the intentions over the next few months. Amy is keen to join the group and has the intention to go to college. Photography will add to the portfolio of work she already has and may be beneficial for her future.

When I left the cafe… was still raining………..

We agreed that next week we would meet at the Collection at 10am………definitely in the cafe!

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 12th April, 2013 [Week 8]

We:   Megan, David, Maddie, Sarah, Keirah and Vernon met at Lincoln’s Seat of power and learning – The StoneBow  – and settled in the Mayor’s room for our introduction to the course “Photography & Representation”.


Sarah Amsler, who is leading the series of seminars,  introduced herself and explained her interest in sociology, politics, culture and photography.

We were invited to introduce ourselves to Sarah through illustration, drawing or words and we each took some time over formatting our response. These were then presented to the rest of the group and opened interesting dialogue around our constructs and their interpretation. There were representations of identity, relationship, places, concerns, happiness, symbols, time, books and other associations.

Sarah presented her course outline and intentions over the 4 week seminar period:

The Politics of Representation: A short course in critical theory for students of image, power and imagination: Sarah explained  various aspects of the course.

  • What is the course about?
  • Who is running it?
  • When/where is it happening?
  • What is required?
  • The Seminars:
  1. Reading the World – 3rd May
  2. Making ‘place’ – images, maps and identities – 10th May
  3. Visible and the invisible – the politics of being un/seen – 17th May
  4. Challenging ‘Othering’ and exclusion through critical cultural acts – 24th May
  • How will it work?
  • Are there any credentials attached to the course?

Sarah explained that the course would provide essential tools to enable appropriate judgements to be made in the context of taking photographs, seeing and interpreting ‘representation’ in all its forms.

Everyone expressed their keeness to be involved in the seminars.



For next week – 17th April, David is involved in a conference.

The rest of us will meet at the cafe in the Aboretum, Monk’s road with the intention of taking photographs and a catch-up conversation……..10 am, Friday 17th April.

Please bring your cameras, camera-phones, journals and anything else you want to raise.

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 5th April, 2013 [Week 6/7]

Our destination this week, the Vintage shop on Monk’s Road,  was also the location for a Hollywood movie company [ i.e. the local Youth project!! ] filming an epic Vampire sequence. We did not try to compete with their enthusiasm but decamped to the Cafe at the Aboretum, which was much quieter and no potential for blood-letting.

David introduced Karolina to Megan, Vernon  and Kierah and our dialogue together ranged far & wide:

  • Changes to roles at Framework led us into discussing continuity, trust, bonds, expectation, relationship, emotions, stability and how to handle change.
  • David gave out sketchbook/journals with the expectation that each of us would use these to record our ideas and notes.
  • We discussed the involvement of Sarah Amsler in the project. David explained she would like to explore the various ideas which are currently emerging from each of us and to give these a context.
  • We discussed the taking of photographs of objects & places which we have been pursuing over a couple of weeks – The idea of moving from the general to the particular and the importance to an individual of something seemingly incidental. Through illustrations from David’s work [ his “altar” to childhood ] we explored negative and positive emotions, association, family, childhood, relationships, the natural stresses of growing up.
A photograph of my mother.....Vernon

A photograph of my mother…..Vernon

  • Any accompanying “narrative” about the photograph is as important as the image itself. So – how one “reads” a photograph is crucial. As important is the moment of taking the photograph and the criteria involved at that time.
  • The group were asked to consider the making of a modest Notice board to be located somewhere in the Abbey ward to show the work[photographs] we produce. Perhaps a small grant from Paul could make this possible?

Karolina was thanked for her contribution & support.

Next time we will meet at the “StoneBow” in town: Friday 12th April at 10 am and Sarah will be with us to explore some of our ideas.


  1. To transfer our initial ideas about our personal aims [ie the big sheet] into the Journal/Sketchbooks and add to these if we so wish.
  2. To bring our photographs on objects and locations on a stick for transfer to David’s laptop.
  3. To provide a short “narrative” explanation for each of the photographs on objects/locations in our Journal.

PS: Framework are happy to provide a dedicated laptop/notebook for the project – David to advise on price. For any other Framework colleagues wanting to join the group decisions need to be taken soon – Megan to advise on potential members.

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