“Interior” by Genevieve Taggard

A middle class fortress in which to hide!
Draw down the curtain as if saying No,
While noon’s ablaze, ablaze outside.
And outside people work and sweat
And the day clings by and the hard day ends.
And after you doze brush out your hair
And walk like a marmoset to and fro
And look in the mirror at middle-age
And sit and regard yourself stare and stare
And hate your life and your tiresome friends
And last night’s bridge where you went in debt;
While all around you gathers the rage
Of cheated people
Will we hear your fret
In the rising noise of the streets? Oh no!


Note: I’ve written up this poem by an American poet , writing at the time of the Depression because it represents , in some ways, what Mills is outlining in his first Chapter. It’s about a person, living out her life inside her fortress unable or unwilling to recognise or do anything about what was happening on the streets with mass unemployment, evictions, austerity etc. The final words “Oh No!” are a powerful rejection of getting involved……………….Vernon




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Coursera Assignments…….

Sunday midday – I’ve completed my Coursera assignment for this section of the Modern & Contemporary American poets so I’m now free to play…………

Perhaps it’s time for the first entry in the Imagination assignment re keeping a Journal……

See some comments on Coursera below…………

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