Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – May 2013.

Sarah Amsler will be conducting a series of Seminars during May for the Framework project. “The Politics of Representation” is a short course in critical theory for students of image, power and imagination.

There will be 4 seminars on Fridays, 3 – 24 th May, from 10am – 12 midday at venues in Lincoln to be confirmed………….

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 8th March, 2013 [Week 4]

The Collection at Lincoln was the location for today’s meeting together with Megan, Vernon Maddie and David. We discussed in detail:

  • A guide for the setting up of an ‘A’ level course. David issued and outlined what the guide entailed. We were asked to reflect on what we might want from such a course and to come back with ideas.
  • The possibility of setting up a Workshop run by Sarah Amsler and David was discussed. Everyone was keen for this to happen.
  • David confirmed that our place/our ‘patch’ for exploration would be from the Tower to the Collection.
  • Further ideas about the Framework project were discussed including: Maddie – What makes us English/British? Issues around peer pressure [e.g. Body Shop] encouraging us to “fit in”. Issues around Identity. Uses of urban space, managing ourselves in an urban environment. The nature of the city. Where is Home? Can somewhere “foreign” be more like home? Where are one’s roots or sense of community?   Megan – Dealing with prejudice e.g. from the police and the undermining of the homeless. The need to challenge pre-conceptions. Portraits of people. How people make assumptions without knowledge. Vernon – Keen to do the A level. Would like to do something around immigration. Possibility of the Polish shops on Monk’s Road. David – His ideas are grounded in Evolution theory and he is interested in “socially engaged practices and practictioners”.
  • Karolina [ David’s partner] is interested  to work with us where our ideas coincide with the work she is doing.
  • The possibility of making a bid for funds managed by Paul [ Neighbourhood Office] was discussed. Identifying  A pop-up research centre……..?

We then looked around the Collection. We should be keen to have a presence in this space since it can provide us with ideas, scope for exhibiting. We met Josh in the gallery and looked at the exhibitions on offer. At the Usher Gallery we met Andrea who is Curator-in-chief, visited the exhibitions and the Education room. David discussed the Summer school at B/G which may be open for the Framework group to join.

English: The Usher Gallery with Cathedral in b...

English: The Usher Gallery with Cathedral in background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next week we meet at the Vintage Shop along Monk’s Road. Homework to read through the sheet on the nature of the city and attempt the questions.

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 1st March, 2013 [Week 3]

On the 1st March, David and Vernon met at the Collection. Unfortunately, owing to a mix-up at Framework no one else from the group was forthcoming. We both swore!!!!!!

On the other hand we had a great time talking about photography, my reaction and admiration for the work of Paul Hill, the excellence of the ideas emerging from the group and the prospects for the project over the next few months.

Cymru am Byth!!!

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 22nd February, 2013 [Week 2]

We met up at the cafe in the Aboretum off Monk’s Road. There was David, Maddie, Vernon and Megan had brought an additional person – Keirah.

Over  hot coffees, we explored more ideas of themes we might pursue. We also discussed the work of Paul Hill and the possibility of producing our own “Book” of photographs. Our discussions ranged over: sculptures at Washingbrough, the collection of visual & audio data, urban myths, stereo-tying in the media and misplaced perceptions of Monk’s Road.

The possibility of pursuing an ‘A’ level Photography was aired and everyone agreed this was a good idea. We discussed how each of us could keep a journal to support this kind of work.


We walked in the Park, took some photographs and visited streets around Monk’s Road. At the Abbey Road Neighbourhood Project we met with Tom and Paul who explained the nature of their work – rejuvenation and community support – and held out the prospect of funding which could be used in projects Maddie, Megan & Keirah might run. We also met Jeannie, who spoke about ongoing community projects and the creation of a new garden.

Next week we meet at the Collection.

Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 15th February, 2013 [Week 1]

We – David, Megan, Maddie and Vernon – met at Lincoln House and soon reconvened at the nearest Coffee house. There, David outlined his ideas of “Our Place, Our Priorities” and we all discussed and then produced our initial reactions/ ideas of the kind of themes  we might pursue in our photography.

We then “walked” Lincoln looking through the Lens of “Our Place, Our Priorities”.

We observed, took some photographs and visited Max in the “Angel”, which may well be a  venue in which we exhibit our work.

We also met with Dom, Dan and Dave  at “Snappy Snaps”, where our work will be printed.

A journey has begun……………..

A journey begins........

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