Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 22nd February, 2013 [Week 2]

We met up at the cafe in the Aboretum off Monk’s Road. There was David, Maddie, Vernon and Megan had brought an additional person – Keirah.

Over  hot coffees, we explored more ideas of themes we might pursue. We also discussed the work of Paul Hill and the possibility of producing our own “Book” of photographs. Our discussions ranged over: sculptures at Washingbrough, the collection of visual & audio data, urban myths, stereo-tying in the media and misplaced perceptions of Monk’s Road.

The possibility of pursuing an ‘A’ level Photography was aired and everyone agreed this was a good idea. We discussed how each of us could keep a journal to support this kind of work.


We walked in the Park, took some photographs and visited streets around Monk’s Road. At the Abbey Road Neighbourhood Project we met with Tom and Paul who explained the nature of their work – rejuvenation and community support – and held out the prospect of funding which could be used in projects Maddie, Megan & Keirah might run. We also met Jeannie, who spoke about ongoing community projects and the creation of a new garden.

Next week we meet at the Collection.

Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 15th February, 2013 [Week 1]

We – David, Megan, Maddie and Vernon – met at Lincoln House and soon reconvened at the nearest Coffee house. There, David outlined his ideas of “Our Place, Our Priorities” and we all discussed and then produced our initial reactions/ ideas of the kind of themes  we might pursue in our photography.

We then “walked” Lincoln looking through the Lens of “Our Place, Our Priorities”.

We observed, took some photographs and visited Max in the “Angel”, which may well be a  venue in which we exhibit our work.

We also met with Dom, Dan and Dave  at “Snappy Snaps”, where our work will be printed.

A journey has begun……………..

A journey begins........

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