Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 1st November 2013.[Week 24]

David and I met  at Karolina’s office in the Bailgate at 10 am on 1st November, 2013……..



Photo of the Canon EOS 30D Digital, showing mo...

Photo of the Canon EOS 30D Digital, showing mount and pop-up flash. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


WE took time to:

  • Explore camera settings on the Canon 30D particularly the Quality range. David advised a Large format but not RAW.
  • We discussed a ‘jaundiced view of Culture’ and the work of Martin Parr and Tony Ray Jones. As Grayson Perry once said…..’jaundice sells!!!!!’
  • We compared Irony v Sincerity.
  • David outlined the contents of ‘Architecture and Embodiment’.


Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We then walked around the Cathedral….’reading’ the building through a ‘valid’ transect.

It was a revealing time……….There’s a hell of a lot to learn about photography and even more about life!!!!!

Next meeting in December………..on the first Friday of the month!


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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 4th October 2013.[Week 23]


One of Jane Wright’s outstanding photographs above…….

Next meeting of the group at Karolina’s office on Friday 4th October commencing at 10 a.m……….

Maddie, Megan, David And Vernon  first of all had a  catch-up with events over the last month:

  • Megan had attended the Leeds Festival, listened to Johhny Moore, taken lots of photographs and was going to the Framework Awards ceremony………
  • Maddie was working in the Aboretum cafe, had suffered a fire!, was planning the prospect of attending Camp America next year and had experienced a ‘celebratory’ time!
  • Vernon had produced a Photobook with Carol in readiness of a Canadian family visit, taken many photographs with different themes, and commented on the work of Steve McCurry having seen his exhibition in Yorkshire………
  • David showed his ‘provisional’ print, which looked superb, commented on the work of Jane Wright,  explained and developed his theme of working i.e an evolutionary approach to art, spoke about ‘parasite stress’ and watched as we tried majestically, I thought, to take it all in………David has promised us some literature on this concept. I know I need it!!!!

We then discussed some relevant issues related to our work together:

  • We reiterated our commitment to producing a joint/individual photoBook. This would involve us ‘bringing’ our ideas to the project but it would, as David pointed out, involve ‘bringing ourselves’ to the work. E.g in Vernon’s case to utilise his poetry but also to incorporate how each of us sees the ‘world differently’.
  • Why do we want to share our ideas with other people? Who/what is our audience?
  • Where is our source for the work i.e. the places?

Our programme then took us to the Usher Gallery and an exhibition of work by Paul Johnson: “There’s something about you that I’m unsure about………” We met the Curator of the show and listened briefly to his comments whilst he spoke with some Foundation students from the University. This exhibition goes on until 2nd January, 2013 and we have been invited to return, scrutinise and possibly write a commentary.

Our next meeting will be on Friday 1st November, meeting at 10 am ……Karolina’s office………


During October please….

  • Continue to take pictures and write some words to accompany them…….
  • Bring memory sticks/cameras to November meeting so that David can transfer data to the Imac……….
  • Return to the exhibtions at the Usher/Collection……..
  • Bring any other work that’s outstanding……………
  • Bring your quries/questions to the next session………..



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Councillors push ahead Lincolnshire library cuts consultation | The Lincolnite


Lincolnshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Councillors push ahead Lincolnshire library cuts consultation | The Lincolnite.

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