Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 1st November 2013.[Week 24]

David and I met  at Karolina’s office in the Bailgate at 10 am on 1st November, 2013……..



Photo of the Canon EOS 30D Digital, showing mo...

Photo of the Canon EOS 30D Digital, showing mount and pop-up flash. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


WE took time to:

  • Explore camera settings on the Canon 30D particularly the Quality range. David advised a Large format but not RAW.
  • We discussed a ‘jaundiced view of Culture’ and the work of Martin Parr and Tony Ray Jones. As Grayson Perry once said…..’jaundice sells!!!!!’
  • We compared Irony v Sincerity.
  • David outlined the contents of ‘Architecture and Embodiment’.


Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We then walked around the Cathedral….’reading’ the building through a ‘valid’ transect.

It was a revealing time……….There’s a hell of a lot to learn about photography and even more about life!!!!!

Next meeting in December………..on the first Friday of the month!


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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 6th September 2013.[Week 22]


English: Uploaded from Creative Com...

English: Uploaded from Creative Commons section under an Attribution License. By Russell J. Smith. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our  schedule of meeting monthly is now well established as is our new office base in the Bailgate. Our thanks to Karolina and her Architectural Practice partner for offering us space in their fantastic base and with all the great facilities.

David, Maddie and Vernon discussed their work over a home-brewed coffee. They reviewed:

  • Some of the equipment at the office e.g. The IMac and printer, which would be available for them to store their work and for any post-production.
  • Where we were with recent homework and journals etc. David suggested sharing some copy of Vernon’s work on the York exhibition and the Peter Williams painting with Maddie and Megan.
  • We discussed in brief how to reflect/think about  our own work – ways of ‘being’ with a photograph or work of art and, in particular, what we bring to an understanding of the inherent meaning.
  • We discussed what it is like to work on something  and then ‘to put it into the world’ where other people may inter-act with it in many different ways than we may have intended.
  • We covered the essential difference between ‘easy’ art e.g Musak in a lift, Chocolate box art,  versus art that is different, poetic, making us see something in a new way. [We would visit some galleries today which would illustrate this point].
  • We asked ourselves the question – ‘Who is our audience?’ Probably the answer lies in – ‘other people who are similar to us.’ The kind of people who attended the recent lecture on ‘Why I take Photographs’, or Adam and other artists. In some ways we make our own audience, as we may do when we create a PhotoBook to be exhibited to the public.
  • David indicated that he wanted us to use the time between our monthly meetings to continue various photographic activities – Continue to invest time in constructing ‘transects’ and learning the process in depth; Each month to submit say 10 photos from a transect undertaken; To consider a transect as a Chapter of work; To accompany any images taken with some text, or words, or poetry, or writing which helps bring out any feelings one might have about the subject matter; To expect that any narrative may be read by others. To continue writing up our Journal.
  • We touched on Post production techniques and usage of the camera from a skills point of view. We will be pursuing some of this in the future.
  • We started to explore ideas around Photo ‘elicitation’ and the degree to which consciousness plays a part in the work we may produce.
  • We even mentioned Kant and Phillip Larkin’s Toad!!!!!!

Then we walked to a wonderful exhibition of Photographs by Jane Wright called ‘Beautiful Light’ held at the Harding House Gallery Steep Hill Lincoln. Indeed the way Jane Wright uses light is just incredible and I will be revisiting the exhibition soon.[See below]



We also visited an exhibition of paintings and photographs nearby which was also first class.

A great time together and plenty to think about over the next month. And, indeed some photographs to take! Mine in Canada with a little bit of luck!!!!!!


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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 2nd August 2013.[Week 21]

Our intent for the August meeting was for all of us to come having:

  • Updated our Journal/Biography.
  • Prepared the reflection on a painting in the York exhibition.
  • Reflected on the painting by Peter Williams and the ceramic work of Pete Moss.

We met at the Collection – Maddie, Vernon & David. Unfortunately Megan could not attend and it was difficult for Kierah given her new circumstances.

We discussed:

  • The new monthly meeting plan and the prospect of meeting regularly in Karolina’s offices in the Bailgate.
  • The possibility of Maddie & Megan attending SSC Sociological Imagination classes in the Autumn.
  • Ratchel Tanner.
  • That we might move from our focus on ‘A’ level work to consider other possibilities.
  • The experiences Maddie had as a result of her attending David’s ‘Summer School’.These sound incredibly positive and her explanation of the work she produced was fluent, entertaining and very moving.
  • That when undertaking a ‘transect’ walk we should also consider recording as an accompaniment some words that explain the context and indicate why the subject ‘resonates’ with us.
  • We again discussed the prospect of producing a Photobook with words and images.
  • We viewed the work of Josh at the Collection.


It was agreed to bring all our work up-to-date by the next meeting to be held at the offices in Bailgate. Meet at the Tourist shop at 10 a.m……………Friday 6th September, 2013.



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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 5th July 2013.[Week 20]

We met at the Collection………..

  • Maddie brought Vernon up-to-date as regards what they did at the previous meeting which he had missed.
  • Maddie explained what the structure of today’s meeting would be, her future involvement in the SSC and somethings about Sarah’s seminars particularly around what the term ‘normal’ meant.
  • We explored ideas around ‘visual philosophy’…..thinking of Photography.
  • We looked at the magazine SOURCE which reflected on the work of professional photographers including Adam’s work. [ See Summer edition 2012]
  • David explained that all members of SSC can submit work to Journals etc in order to foster their research.
  • Note BG library is ‘free’ to join.
  • The Summer school is now full and Maddie will be attending.
  • David clarified a number of points about ubdertaking a Ph.d.

We then visited the Usher and Collection with a view to undertaking particular pieces of written work………At the York exhibition David advised we were to pick out a theme or piece of artwork or a point of comparison and write up a piece in relation to it. At the Usher we were advised to reflect on the painting ‘Remembrance’ and to describe what one ‘sees’

HOMEWork…..the exercises above.


Next meeting on 2nd August at the Collection……..

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 3rd May 2013.[Week 11]

We met at some stop lights on Monk’s Road and were tasked with:

  1. Standing and observing the scene at the lights
  2. Seeing what is happening i.e. the process
  3. Relating to power and where we see this at the lights
Stop sign in Holtegata in Oslo.

Stop sign in Holtegata in Oslo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then we reconvened at the Development Centre, Croft Street, to discuss our experiences. Keirah, Megan, Maddie, David, Vernon, Sarah were joined by Lynsey who works as a Development Officer at the Centre.

Our ensuing discussion  was an attempt to explain what we did, saw and reflected on during the exercise at the stop sign.

Sarah Amsler, who was leading the seminar explained that this kind of “looking” and “observation” could be called “Reading the world”.

The central issues of this session were:

  • Why do we see the world, ourselves and others as we do?
  • Where does meaning come from?
  • How do acts of “representation” influence life chances, shape experiences and define identity?
  • Can we re-construct reality through representation?

We discussed the colour red and what it might mean, symbolism, ethical power, moral power and state power, order and disorder, following “norms”, contingency and ideas of reality.

We agreed that we wouldn’t normally look to see where power resides but we can begin to look for it.

For next week we will meet at the centre at 10 am to continue the seminar series [ Friday 10th May].

Maddie wanted to pursue ideas around “What makes somewhere Home”. Keirah wanted to discuss “why/how people distract her”.

Sarah indicated that words such as “norm” would be explained/defined through the production of a glossary of terms.

David said………”Keep taking pictures!!!”

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 26th April, 2013 [Week 10]

These boots were made for “transecting”………….


David explained to Maddie, Tracey and Vernon what he wanted to emerge from undertaking a “Transect” walk. There are different kinds of transects:

  1. Walking from A – B observing everything, being objective  and taking notes.
  2. Walking from A – B perhaps being more informal and observing say just flowers, trees natural life.
  3. David’s idea of a transect walk. Walking from A – B but observing things from a purely personal perspective. This would involve walking alone, deciding what has taken our attention, then taking a photograph of it. What takes the eye! It would be unnecessary to comment whilst on the walk. We are all capturing visual data on the same walk at the same time. Sounds could be important.
  4. At some stage we will show our photographs and explain why we chose that subject. The narrative is likely to be more complex than the taking of the photo.

We started at the Bailgate to the Jew’s house and from there to the Stonebow………It didn’t rain!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s going to be very interesting when we reveal our photographs in the following weeks and get a chance to talk about them…………….

An animated gif of a walk sequence.

An animated gif of a walk sequence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 15th March, 2013 [Week 5]

We –  Megan, David, Maddie, Keirah, Vernon – met at the Vintage shop along Monk’s Road, a wonderful space with racks of retro clothes, homely objects of all kinds and whiffs of nostalgia from the past. Jackie, the owner welcomed us to her “parlour”.

The essence of our discussion was memory, home, narrative, precious objects, positive and negative associations.

Each of us wandered the shop taking photographs of objects that interested us or meant something to us.

We met Maaike, a Community Organiser who explained her role in support of local people in the neighbourhood of Monk’s Road. She welcomed the prospect of working with us.

David requested that during the week we photograph 5 objects from our home which are important to us and also 5 places. Each photograph may need a short narrative to provide a context or explanation. Our association with each object/photograph may be positive or negative. Please keep a Journal to record any comments or the narrative.


These photographs will be the start of our Book.

We meet next week at the Angel Coffee House when we will discuss the photographs we have produced. Friday – 22nd March at 10 a.m.

Our Homework: To photograph – The five most important objects in my home  & five places of my  choice.

Enjoy Everyone…………including Sarah………..

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