William Davies – After Neoliberalism

If the markets have failed us…….and it’s a big IF…………..where do we go next?

William Davies – After Neoliberalism.



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Henry Farrell – On post-democracy

Interesting article on the failure of democracy in Western societies and its effect on left wing politics.. Much about Colin Crouch and his book Post Democracy.

Henry Farrell – On post-democracy.

Cover of "Post-Democracy (Themes for the ...

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 14th June 2013.[Week 17]

Ah! Well! You can’t win them all!


What with the walking wounded and the indisposed, it was thought wiser to postpone this week’s visit to the Castle. See you all next week at Castle Walk for a 10 am start…………………

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Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 7th June 2013.[Week 16]

Perhaps it was in the omens………The Aboretum cafe was not open for business and unfortunately no-one was available to come out and play.



So, on the most beautiful of days I did a transect walk of Monk’s Road Aboretum on my lonesome. Beautiful blue skies, sun shining and the verdant green shoots of Summer. What could be better?



What a stunning location and in the heart of Lincoln……….and everyone so friendly.


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