Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 12th April, 2013 [Week 8]

We:   Megan, David, Maddie, Sarah, Keirah and Vernon met at Lincoln’s Seat of power and learning – The StoneBow  – and settled in the Mayor’s room for our introduction to the course “Photography & Representation”.


Sarah Amsler, who is leading the series of seminars,  introduced herself and explained her interest in sociology, politics, culture and photography.

We were invited to introduce ourselves to Sarah through illustration, drawing or words and we each took some time over formatting our response. These were then presented to the rest of the group and opened interesting dialogue around our constructs and their interpretation. There were representations of identity, relationship, places, concerns, happiness, symbols, time, books and other associations.

Sarah presented her course outline and intentions over the 4 week seminar period:

The Politics of Representation: A short course in critical theory for students of image, power and imagination: Sarah explained  various aspects of the course.

  • What is the course about?
  • Who is running it?
  • When/where is it happening?
  • What is required?
  • The Seminars:
  1. Reading the World – 3rd May
  2. Making ‘place’ – images, maps and identities – 10th May
  3. Visible and the invisible – the politics of being un/seen – 17th May
  4. Challenging ‘Othering’ and exclusion through critical cultural acts – 24th May
  • How will it work?
  • Are there any credentials attached to the course?

Sarah explained that the course would provide essential tools to enable appropriate judgements to be made in the context of taking photographs, seeing and interpreting ‘representation’ in all its forms.

Everyone expressed their keeness to be involved in the seminars.



For next week – 17th April, David is involved in a conference.

The rest of us will meet at the cafe in the Aboretum, Monk’s road with the intention of taking photographs and a catch-up conversation……..10 am, Friday 17th April.

Please bring your cameras, camera-phones, journals and anything else you want to raise.

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