Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 3rd May 2013.[Week 11]

We met at some stop lights on Monk’s Road and were tasked with:

  1. Standing and observing the scene at the lights
  2. Seeing what is happening i.e. the process
  3. Relating to power and where we see this at the lights
Stop sign in Holtegata in Oslo.

Stop sign in Holtegata in Oslo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then we reconvened at the Development Centre, Croft Street, to discuss our experiences. Keirah, Megan, Maddie, David, Vernon, Sarah were joined by Lynsey who works as a Development Officer at the Centre.

Our ensuing discussion  was an attempt to explain what we did, saw and reflected on during the exercise at the stop sign.

Sarah Amsler, who was leading the seminar explained that this kind of “looking” and “observation” could be called “Reading the world”.

The central issues of this session were:

  • Why do we see the world, ourselves and others as we do?
  • Where does meaning come from?
  • How do acts of “representation” influence life chances, shape experiences and define identity?
  • Can we re-construct reality through representation?

We discussed the colour red and what it might mean, symbolism, ethical power, moral power and state power, order and disorder, following “norms”, contingency and ideas of reality.

We agreed that we wouldn’t normally look to see where power resides but we can begin to look for it.

For next week we will meet at the centre at 10 am to continue the seminar series [ Friday 10th May].

Maddie wanted to pursue ideas around “What makes somewhere Home”. Keirah wanted to discuss “why/how people distract her”.

Sarah indicated that words such as “norm” would be explained/defined through the production of a glossary of terms.

David said………”Keep taking pictures!!!”

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