Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 26th April, 2013 [Week 10]

These boots were made for “transecting”………….


David explained to Maddie, Tracey and Vernon what he wanted to emerge from undertaking a “Transect” walk. There are different kinds of transects:

  1. Walking from A – B observing everything, being objective  and taking notes.
  2. Walking from A – B perhaps being more informal and observing say just flowers, trees natural life.
  3. David’s idea of a transect walk. Walking from A – B but observing things from a purely personal perspective. This would involve walking alone, deciding what has taken our attention, then taking a photograph of it. What takes the eye! It would be unnecessary to comment whilst on the walk. We are all capturing visual data on the same walk at the same time. Sounds could be important.
  4. At some stage we will show our photographs and explain why we chose that subject. The narrative is likely to be more complex than the taking of the photo.

We started at the Bailgate to the Jew’s house and from there to the Stonebow………It didn’t rain!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s going to be very interesting when we reveal our photographs in the following weeks and get a chance to talk about them…………….

An animated gif of a walk sequence.

An animated gif of a walk sequence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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