Framework Project: Our Place, Our priorities – 7th June 2013.[Week 16]

Perhaps it was in the omens………The Aboretum cafe was not open for business and unfortunately no-one was available to come out and play.



So, on the most beautiful of days I did a transect walk of Monk’s Road Aboretum on my lonesome. Beautiful blue skies, sun shining and the verdant green shoots of Summer. What could be better?



What a stunning location and in the heart of Lincoln……….and everyone so friendly.


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Framework Project: Our Place, Our Priorities – 15th March, 2013 [Week 5]

We –  Megan, David, Maddie, Keirah, Vernon – met at the Vintage shop along Monk’s Road, a wonderful space with racks of retro clothes, homely objects of all kinds and whiffs of nostalgia from the past. Jackie, the owner welcomed us to her “parlour”.

The essence of our discussion was memory, home, narrative, precious objects, positive and negative associations.

Each of us wandered the shop taking photographs of objects that interested us or meant something to us.

We met Maaike, a Community Organiser who explained her role in support of local people in the neighbourhood of Monk’s Road. She welcomed the prospect of working with us.

David requested that during the week we photograph 5 objects from our home which are important to us and also 5 places. Each photograph may need a short narrative to provide a context or explanation. Our association with each object/photograph may be positive or negative. Please keep a Journal to record any comments or the narrative.


These photographs will be the start of our Book.

We meet next week at the Angel Coffee House when we will discuss the photographs we have produced. Friday – 22nd March at 10 a.m.

Our Homework: To photograph – The five most important objects in my home  & five places of my  choice.

Enjoy Everyone…………including Sarah………..

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