Radical Education Projects elsewhere………..


“In the last year a range of radical education projects have sprung up across the UK. With the threat to academic values posed by the coalition government’s higher education ‘reforms’, it seems that people across a range of institutions (and outside of them) are trying to explore different, freer and more autonomous ways of learning.”

  1. Left Overs (podcast)
  2. The Social Science Centre
  3. The Really Open University
  4. The Really Free School
  5. The University for Strategic Optimism
  6. The Third University
  7. The University of Utopia
  8. Campaign for the Public University (podcast)
  9. The Free University of Liverpool
  10. Birmingham Social Centre and Free School
  11. WikiQuals
  12. Student as producer
  13. The University of Incidental Knowledge
  14. The University Project


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